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Harley-Davidson Road King Bagger from AR Baggers

If you follow history (or Game of Thrones), you find that there are two types of kings: those who stand out and those who blend in. The same holds true for the monarchs we call Road Kings. Those that go with the flow meld into the chrome sea of bikes outside of rally bars. It’s the ambitious ones everybody remembers. All of us know King Henry VIII. No one remembers King George IV. With all the one-off artisanship that went into this unique Road King from AR Baggers, you’d have a hard time forgetting it if you met it in person.

From the raked front with its speaker-housing nacelle to the street-skimming extended hard bags, it’s not exactly a bolt-on weekend job. AR spent five months giving it the artistic eye, molding the design mentally and on paper, and then realizing it in three dimensions.

AR approached the King from a different angle. Instead of high and thin like a big-wheeler profile, the crew took it fat, long, and low. The 2007 Harley-Davidson was going to be extreme but just not the more common funk we find on scoots with 30-inch hoops between the forks. Combining a fat 180mm Vee Rubber tread with a one-off dragged-out rear was, they figured, a nice break from the big-wheeler aesthetic.

«Don’t get me wrong,» bike owner Don Robb told us. «Big wheels are my taste and life, but this fat, low look is growing on me».


The bike was based on a stock frame so it could be shown in something else besides an extreme bagger class. The motor is largely stock except for Rinehart pipes and a Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner. Taking a machine so far into the style end of the custom spectrum usually means you’re not going to do a lot of dragracing with it. Keeping the motor near stock makes some sense in this case.

AR Baggers really showed its skills with the bodywork. That’s where the real craftsmanship came into play. The nacelle looks like it was poured over the headlight and gauges; that’s how seamless the molding on it is. A lot of sweat equity went into the clean, inlaid gas tank. Its stretched sides hug the solo saddle before leading your eye into the 38-inch one-piece tailsection.

Housed in that back piece you’ll find four 6 x 9-inch Polk speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer, all in a single enclosure. That’s just part of the extensive electronics suite with which AR Baggers blessed this beauty. Not only does the front nacelle house 3.5-inch Polk speakers, but the bike also features an iPod Mini setup, security system, and air ride controls. No wet bar though. There’s only so much you can fit into a nacelle.

Not from lack of trying. Even without a wet bar, this Road King is hard to forget. As for King George IV, he’s the fashion-oriented English king whose father lost the Thirteen Colonies. Maybe if he’d been more ambitious and spent less time following current fashion trends, history would’ve remembered him as something other than a brief entry on Wikipedia.


– Custom body, not a bolt on bike no molds every panel was hand made
– Pm hand controls and passenger pegs
– Cycle smith 21 floor boards
– Custom Rhinehart exhaust
– Stereo ran from ipad; 4– 6×9’s, 2– 3 1/2 and 1 10 inch subwoofer ran from 1000 watt 5 channel amp all audio is Polk Audio Competition Series
– Bike has a lot of chrome; motor, caliper, fork legs, rims, mirrors
– Smooth Ness chrome legs
– Custom motor covers and shift linkage
– Internal throttle
– Hydraulic clutch
– Front and rear air ride with 2 holding tanks
– Foose wheels front and rear 18×180 front and 16×180 rear
– Custom seat

For more from AR Baggers visit their website ARBaggers.com


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