Honda CB500 Rothmans racing

Motorcycle ensemble rebuilt in the spirit of the 70s on the model Honda NSR500. Gradually the project but changed to the inspiration of the formula. Therefore, the rear haunches silver, which means the engine is placed in the square light. Plexi front Serežan as pilots had before the helmet because of conscription wind.

The bike has completely revision, engine carburetors received a gold mouthpiece. Premises in the airbox completely cleaned, electricity is transferred to squat which we doctored, Origo poo hydrates type at Honda CB 500. Bonnet comes from a racing model CZ 250, completely stripped and narrowing of 10 cm. Front fork tempered by 40 mm. Bullhorn used the model NSR125.Vepředu We also received a one disc, you are then odvrtány.Kola are from the model Yamaha XS360 18” size. Vyfuky comes from our workshop, downspouts are adapted from the model Suzuki GS750 and endings are our production. Of course there are hardwired brakes, discs and necessary things like motorcycle racing.

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