Rasmus Odegaard Rat Bike

Rat styled rides are a cross between steampunk and scrapyard. This one of a kind rat bike owned by Rasmus Odegaard calls Lillestrøm, Norway its home but it still shares a connection to the American soil in which it was created.

Rasmus’ story began after browsing the internet looking for a style of bike that was different from what he’s used to seeing around the Norwegian roads. Eventually he came across Todd Angliani from After Hours Bikes in Florida and the rest was history.

Being different requires creative thinking, which is where the fun starts. The guys at After Hours Bikes started the build with a custom pulled and stretched scarecrow frame made of steel tubing and custom front forks scraped down to bare metal.

The motor and tranny out of an old Yamaha XS650 was transplanted inside. A decommissioned NATO 7,62 mm ammo box was fitted to house all electrical components and the starter button. Recycling as much as they could out of an old Mopar V8 motor, a one of a kind gas tank made out of a set of valve covers, the connecting rods serve as foot pegs, and the gear shifter & brake pedals are made of valve springs.

A beer bottle ices it all off and acts a crude gas gauge so Rasmus is always cool and level-headed while on the road. Rasmus’ bike is all about bringing Detroit together. A 1932 Ford milk van rim wrapped in a drag white wall tire was placed on the back side while the front end was lit thanks to a 1936 Chevy headlight.

When he’s not driving it around town, Rasmus parks hard thanks to two air cylinders fastened to the front forks. A simple ball valve keeps the direction of air flowing in and out of the cylinders from the compressors mounted behind the motor.

After 8 long months of waiting, Rasmus was finally greeted by a crate with his name on it. With help from photographers Fredrik Sørlie and Alexander Istad, the beauty of this rustic ride was captured for all to see. Big thanks to Ida Melby for motivating Rasmus into buying the bike, Kine Engebakken for helping after the bike accident that put Rasmus in the hospital, Jarmund Indrelid at Inconsulting for fixing the bike whenever it needed repair work, and Lillestrøm Legevakt for tending to Rasmus’ broken body.

This bagged beauty is now for sale. If you’re interested eMail Rasmus directly and maybe you to can take home a piece of rusted glory.


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  1. Andrey says:

    “a piece of rusted glory” – it’s an impressive motorcycle.

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